Overview of Cinema Online Promotion's business scope

DANDELION is a global media, marketing and corporate communications company. Founded on date of establishment: 2020, headquartered in New York, USA, the company is engaged in online movie sales and promotion of movies and actors. DANDELION has established long-term and stable strategic cooperation with a number of international film companies, and currently serves Disney, Paramount, Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers and other film companies. DANDELION is an innovative company that specializes in the behind-the-scenes promotion and operation of films and actors.



Improve the popularity of pay-per-view programs and actors, and increase the on-demand rate of programsPopular movies, increase the popularity of movies, actors and directors, and increase movie box office

Movies with high popularity, increase play rate, popularity and positive reviews, so that movies can have a chance to be nominated for film and television awardsPaid movies/TV series, through the promotion of Cinema Online Promotion, let more people become interested in the movies/TV series we promote

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Cinema Online Promotion is an independent and leading film and television media investment and promotion companyCooperate with some well-known film and TV creators in the industry to promote and share movies and TV